International Postal Money Order

      An example on a bond (U.S.A.)

Please remit it to us in Japanese yen.

Please make me international money order like the top in a post office.

By a way which isn't lost and please send an upper bond to the following address.

It is not bank transfer.
We do not accept the bank transfer.

* Please do not use a BANK and other.
Please remit by the International postal money order from a POST OFFICE.
Please ask the post office of your country the method of an international postal money order.

*This remittance method needs about 10 days.
If a bond from you can be converted into money, immediately, we'll ship off the goods.


Send to

name : Ogawa Yoshiya

address : SIXLINES  1-19-4-602 higashi-gotanda shinagawa-ku TOKYO JAPAN  141-0022